Surgical techniques

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Our 7th cadavercourse will take place on Friday 23/02/2018 in Leuven - Topic: elbow arthroplasty : full program sept 2017

Our 6th cadavercourse took place on Saturday 18/02/2017: ' Recurrent shoulder instability'


Our 5th cadavercourse took place Friday 11/03/2016. 'Muscle transfer and reversed shoulder prosthesis'. .

Our 4th cadavercourse took place on Saturday 07/03/2015

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Videos of theprevious course can you find here 

1. clinical examination shoulder

2. clinical examination elbow

3. clavicle fracture

     3a. approach

     3b. intramedullary fixation

     3c. plate fixation

     3d. pectoralis major pars clavicularis transfer

4. AC dislocation

     4a. approach

     4b. suspension technique

     4c. Weaver-Dunn

     4d. Hook-plate

5. Latarjet procedure

     5a. subscapularis split

     5b. grafting of the coracoid

     5c. fixation of the coracoid

6. Posterior bone block

     6a. grafting of iliac crest

     6b. posterior approach

     6c. fixation of posterior bone block

7. Modified McLaughlin

     7a. lesser tuberosity osteotomy

8. Shoulder arthroplasty

     8a. Lesser tuberosity osteotomy

9. Revision shoulder arthroplasty

     9a. clavicular osteotomy

10. osteosynthesis

     10a. deltopectoral approach

     10b. creating proximal humerus fracture

     10c. osteosynthesis proximal humerus fracture

     10d. reversed shoulder prosthesis for proximal humerus fracture

     10e. extended deltopectoral approach

     10f. creating periprosthetic fracture

     10g. osteosynthesis periprosthetic fracture



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